Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


WebCloud is service for publishing your content without templates files, structures and restrictions to domains.

Service is designed for rapid prototyping based on standard www formats "html, css, javascript" and at the same time be displayed on the Internet.

Why should I sign in with external provider?

This process is the fastest way to be inside. Also we care about your privacy. So we decided to use a login from verified suppliers. They have lots of security features. You just remember one login and password and you can log in to a lot of other services. We ask you only for grant an access to get confirmation that it is you. All your other data is safe at their home.

If you don't already have an account, you can create your free Facebook Account or Google Account.

What means "This domain is waiting to be connected"?

Domain records are redirected to our service. Then this domain need to be connected at least one path in WebCloud. If not it means that domain has not any account or is not set. If the message persists and you think this is an error please contact us.

Suspicious or Abuse content?

If you are concerned about "Suspicious or abuse content" on certain pages provided by our service contact us. Send us "url address, time, screen capture" and we'll investigate it.

Copyright violation?

If you are concerned about "Copyright violation" on certain pages provided by our service please contact the content owner. If content owner not respond to your request please contact your legal representative.

More questions? Chat with us