Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is this service about?

WebCloud Studio is an Integrated Development and Publishing Environment for Cloud in Browser.

Why should I sign in with external provider?

This process is the fastest way to be signed in. Also we care about your privacy. So we decided to use a login from verified suppliers. They have lots of security features. Plus, you just have to remember one login name and password, and you can subscribe to many other services. In this process, we only ask you to grant access to verify that you are the real one. All other data is safe with them. If we needed more, we would always ask.

If you don't already have an account, you can create your free Facebook Account or Google Account.

What means "This domain is waiting to be connected"?

If you connected the path to your own domain, and after loading the given path URL, you saw this message, i.e. "This domain is waiting to be connected". The domain name must be connected to us at least with one path. If you see this message, it means that no content is associated with that name. This may mean you are missing your account, or the link is not set up. If the message persists and you think it is a mistake, please contact us.


We are offering by default packages FREE of charge. PAID packages are available for manual demand through chat or email, and subsequent confirmation of subscription you can find here "Console / Account / Subscription / Type". If you were charged by a similar company, check your bank transaction details, and search for it with Google.

Suspicious or Harmful content?

If you suspect the page provided by our service provide "suspicious or malicious content", please contact us. Send us the "url address, time, and screen capture", and we will examine it.

Copyright violation?

If you suspect the sites provided by our service are "copyright violation", probably yours, contact the content owner and your legal counsel.